Tam + Chris

The adventure of a lifetime as soulmates

Finding someone you love, and who loves you back is a wonderful feeling, but finding your true soul mate is an even better feeling”. When Chris suggested to Tam that they go for a drive to Kiama, little did they realise of the significance of the day ahead. The pair were full of excitement all throughout the long car drive to Kiama and eased into their adventure by finding a secluded field, the perfect place for a picnic amongst nature. Chris & Tam each tenderly shared excerpts from their Love Journals, read love notes to each other, and before the day was lost, Christ proposed, making the memories of the day last even longer. When they reminisce about their pre-wedding destination trip, Bombo Headland Quarry at Kiama will always hold a special place in their hearts.


Binh Nguyen


Videography: Orbit Motion
Photography: Ta Anh Tung
Location shoot: Bombo Headland Quarry, Kiama