Cindy + Guyver

A Lifetime with You

Love is the best gift someone could ever give or receive, and it is made much more amazing when it is shared with someone we love. On one of the finest days of their lives—their wedding day—Orbit Motion Team captured the love story of Cindy and Guyver. Guyver was happily singing the song I Want It That Way to her wife at one point during their wedding, which caused the crowd to laugh heartily. All of the guests that day were really fond of the newlyweds.

We were also convinced by their wedding that there is no such thing as a small or little amount of love; when you both have each other, you share the biggest love. Everyone could see their joy throughout the wedding ceremony and reception, and it is undoubtedly a memorable experience. Guyver and Cindy, may you cherish each other from now on. And may they both spread their love to all around them. Forever and always.


Binh Nguyen


Video: Orbit Motion
Reception: Hyatt Regency Sydney
Décor: Bling Events by Natalie
StarLight Chandeliers
MC: Event Weddings – North Sydney