Sylvia + Andrew

A sporting win

Who would have thought that a simple, friendly game of Oztag would lead to this…Three years on from their first game,this fun loving couple celebrated in a way that was true to their fun personalities. Sylvia, (a fanatic of the Neighbours tv show), and her bridesmaids welcomed Andrew (who can’t be mentioned without the mention of his beloved basketball) and his groomsmen on the condition that they complete the various door games. They then paid respects to their cultural heritage and held an intimate tea ceremony attended by their family and dearest friends.

They were each asked to write love letters and pour their hearts into written word, which brought on a flood of emotions. This was an indicator of what was to come during the wedding ceremony at the grounds of Curzon Hall. As Sylvia made her way down the aisle lovingly supported by her parents, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, especially from Andrew! Andrew and Sylvia had acknowledged that life’s challenges are made easier when there is unconditional love for one another.

Like attracts like, so it was no wonder that Andrew & Sylvia’s bridal party were just as playful and fun, making it a memorable and happy experience for them. Shooting at Paddington Reserve saw the boys get creative with a sports shot sequence, and no matter what time of day, Andrew & Sylvia were always admiring and smiling at each other, taking in all the small moments. Her elegance and class matched his enthusiasm and charm.

The team spirit that is normally witnessed at their sporting events came into full force on the dance floor at their reception in Lemontage, with Andrew and his groomsmen taking to the floor for a show stopping performance. As the night progressed and everything got louder with music, dry ice, sparklers, and onlookers cheering, it was clear that none of that phased Andrew and Sylvia, who only had their eyes on the prize: each other.


Binh Nguyen


Ceremony: Curzon Hall, Marsfield
Celebrant: Allegra Hartford Davis
Reception: Lemontage, Lilyfield
Master of Ceremonies: Joseph Dinh
Make Up Artist: Angelina My Le
Fireworks Pyrotechnics: Weddingfireworks.sydney
Location Shoot: Paddington Reservoir, Lemontage, Curzon Hall