Adamina + Alex

The Journey of Love and Passion

Adamina and Alex are destined to be together as they both find each other as a puzzle piece to complete their lives. The Orbit Motion team captured the part of their journey where they vowed to be with each other for the rest of their lives. Direct from the beautiful aesthetics of The Grounds in Alexandria, New South Wales, they enjoyed every moment of their wedding. Celebrant Liz Watson made sure that the wedding has the perfect mix of celebration and solemnity. From the ceremony to the reception and as their loved ones shared their speeches, it brought out the kind of love that Adamina and Alex have.


Binh Nguyen


Venue: The Grounds – Alexandria, NSW
Video: Orbit Motion
Celebrant: Liz Watson
Florist: Blooms and Scents
Photographer: Angela Woods
Make up Artist: Teagan
Hair Stylist: Stephanie M