Katy + David

A natural love on a grand scale

Katy & David see the beauty in everything and are the kind of couple that are adventurous, so it made sense when they advised that their pre-wedding shoot would be in New Zealand. Queenstown, a dream pre-wedding destination location became home to so many priceless moments. Katy & David shared walks amongst purple lupin flower fields, love journals were read during a picnic on a hillside, they experienced breathtaking views from mountain tops and took long coastal walks. An unforgettable three day journey with a lifetime of memories.

Their appreciation of the beauty in nature was evident throughout their wedding day. Katy and David paid respects to their families by holding a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony surrounded by loved ones. They honoured their ancestors and the day became a blur as new memories weaved in with the old.

The couple chose to host their evening reception at one of the newest and modern wedding reception venues in Sydney, The Highline Venue. Guests were wowed by the elaborate styling by Anna Wang, which had the whole ballroom emulate their love for nature. Basking in the glamour of red and white flowers, guests were entertained with a lively band as well as some energetic acrobatic performances. But the most memorable moment of all? It was David, the bravest one of all, who serenaded his new wife. Their celebration marked the start of the many wonderful adventures that lay ahead in their new  life together.


Binh Nguyen


Queenstown, New Zealand


Reception: The Highline Venue, Bankstown
Event Styling: Anna Wang
Make up Artist: Katy Tuyet Nguyen
Videography: Orbit Motion (Binh + Khanh)